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Not Many Posts !

Not Many Posts !

Christmas Horse Selection I know, I am pretty useless at keeping up with posting in this Blog, but I am so busy with everything else it keeps going to the back of the queue.  As some of yo..

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Hi and Welcome to my brand new nail art store.  Some of you will have come across my nail art before under another name.

Everything has been revamped and edited to bring out the best colours in them I can, having learned a lot over the last few years since first starting.

There are also many new designs, new breeds of dogs, cats, horses  - who would ever think you could get Dressage Horse Nail Art!  Various Feathers which I love as you can make your own patterns on your nails with them and my current new favourite the Ladybird cartoon - this looks great with green glitter or polish creating a stem.

All the nail art here is unique to me, either from my own photos or illustrations so if you are looking for something different this is the place to come to shop for your designer nail art

Should you require your own designs, pictures or photographs on your nails or variations in my standard sizes for children or very long nails check out the "Just 4 U" category

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