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As my customers will have noticed I always include a few complimentary nail art stickers as well as the sheet you have purchased so that you can try them out and experiment before you use the set you have actually paid for.  The other day one of my regular customers asked why the quality varied so much between the sample stickers?  Just in case other people are wondering as well I thought I would explain here. 

Different Sources

Some of my samples are printed specifically for this purpose. Others are from my experiments when I am creating new designs as I always print them and try them out to make sure I am happy before I offer them for sale.  Others are where the printing may not have been quite perfect so I use the rest of the set for your delectation.  Many of them are older stock. I know from experience that they last at least three years when kept sealed in the packets but I wanted to start afresh with my new site so I revamped all the designs, some I kept, many I left our of my new range but these again I am using as samples so all stickers sent out are newly printed, many on demand.  My new printer is also gives a  better result than the previous one, not that the old one was bad, but I can see a slight different when I place them side by side.


If you ever want a particular design in your sample pack just ask, I do not promise to oblige but if I have any available I will include them, if not I will try and add something similar.  I include one from each of a variety of ranges and where possible sizes.


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