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Personalised Nail Art Stickers
Personalised Nail Art Stickers
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Personalised Nail Art
Created from your own pictures
examples: pets, boyfriend, bride for hen nights, initials, words, shapes

  • Order and pay for your images
  • Make a note of the Order Number
  • Send a copy of your photo to me,
    (the email address will come up when you click on link)
  • (it must be a picture you have taken or have permission to use due to copyright/intellectual property rights)
  • It can take up to ten days to prepare your personalised stickers but will usually be much faster

    Please read the following:
    1. Must own the copyright of the picture or have permission to use it, by sending it to me you confirm it is yours to use.
    2. Please pay for the image as usual and then send me a message containing the photo you wish to use via the"to me" link above.
    3. The larger and clearer the image you send me the more detail there will be in the final stickers even though they are tiny, send original photo when possible - see approximate sizes below for printed product.
    4. Please note that white does not print on these stickers, photos can usually be edited to a blue/pink/yellow grey/white but the white on logo-style stickers will not print.

    I will:
    1. Usually just do the head/face of people/animals unless you give instructions otherwise.
    2. Will try and create them within one working day, but depending on my work schedule it could take up to seven days before despatch
    3. I will keep the designs for six months should you wish to re-order at the usual price for my other stickers.

    I will not:
    1. Create pornographic stickers
    2. Knowingly copy other people's work, logos or photos to create stickers and may deduct the fee retained by Paypal when I cancel and refund your order.

    If you order additional identical sets at the same time these will be available at the standard sticker set rate.
    Ideal for using yourself or for gifts for others
There are 24 stickers on the sheet, in three sizes
4 x Largest: approximately 15 mm at widest point
12 x Medium: approximately 10 mm at widest point
8 x Small: approximately 7-8 mm at widest point
to fit a variety of size nails
DIRECTIONS (also see video below)
1.  Apply base coat or pale colour if required (stickers will not show up well on dark colours but some light to medium colours enhance the images)
2.  Cut the around the image, it does not have to be precise as long as it will fit on your nail. Leaving a little space makes it easier to lift from backing sheet.  I like to cut close to design and leave a small extra area with a point
3.  Scrape the point up with a fingernail, scissors or pin and pull it back then trim this point off .
4.  Slowly, so it does not curl,  lift the sticker away from the brown backing sheet using your fingernail, pin or tweezers and place on nail, it can be lifted and moved to get it in the right place.
5.  Smooth down
6.  Cover with top coat immediately you have finished applying sticker(s)
7.  I suggest adding, adding another layer of top coat every day or two
To Remove:
I have found the easiest way is to use nail varnish remover, then use your nail or orange stick to lift the edge of the sticker, then remove the rest of  the base coat/polish.
I describe my items as completely and honestly as I can so you know exactly what you will receive
The stickers come on a  sheet of 24 and once cut and peeled off the backing sheet are thin with a clear background
You will received the stickers as shown on the brown background sheets with no writing on them
On the photos with three fingers the sticker designs are pasted over using photoshop.
Colours may vary due to photographic and monitor differences.
These stickers are small (see sizes above) as they have to fit on fingernails.
Please contact me if you have any queries, I will usually reply within 24 hours unless I have no internet/power (which sometimes happens as am in a rural area at the end of the electric and telephone lines) or am away on a photoshoot in which case I will leave a note on the site.

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