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Christmas Horse Selection
Christmas Horse Selection

I know, I am pretty useless at keeping up with posting in this Blog, but I am so busy with everything else it keeps going to the back of the queue.  As some of you may have discovered I also sell my nail art on Ebay, and my nail art and Paintings on Etsy ( which keep me out of mischief.

Added to that I opened a new shop on Etsy ( in August to part with those vintage, over twenty years old,  items I have inherited from family who are sadly no longer with use and stuff  I have found in the back of cupboards where they have been sitting for many years without being used and I thought it would be nice for someone who wanted them to love and cherish them.  Oh, and a few crocheted items seem to be finding their way there as well.

This does not even include work, housework and gardening - have I listed enough excuses for not keeping up with my blog yet?  :-)

I have added quite a few new designs this year including some new versions of birds and a new budgie version and some new dog breeds and Christmas versions.  Do not forget how useful these stickers are for including in Christmas Cards and stockings, flat and easy to post and very well priced.



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