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My first flower in Rebelle, a spring Daffodil.

As you may have seen from my site I have long been painting and creating using Photoshop, but recently took up using an actual brush and paints using acrylics which I used to do on a regular basis before computers came into my life.  Some of the paint tubes were even still usable although I had to remove the caps (sometimes literally) with a pair of pliers.  Small tip - if you break the cap on your tube of paint but still have the screw on part, cover the tube opening with some clingfilm then screw the remains of the cap back on.  This keeps the paint fresh. 




Nigella Watercolour

I tried watercolours but could never seem to get the hang of keeping the colour where I wanted

 with all that water sloshing around.  I just ended up with a big, usually mud colored, blob and probably because I am more used to acrylic I could never get the depth of colour that I wanted, and have seen others achieve.  It is very relaxing to pick up real brushes but as I am somewhat of a messy painter it does result in quite a bit of clearing up afterwards.

However this may now change again as a few weeks ago I received a newsletter from Escape Motions, a company whose software I like and they announced they were in the process of releasing a Beta pre-release version of a new product called Rebelle. So I ummm, invested (now that is a good word, much better than bought, sounds more official and business-like :)  ) in a copy.  Now this is great fun, it took me a few hours to get the hang of using the tools, and because it is in beta there are still a few limitations that are being worked out but having dealt with Escape Motions before I know their customer service is excellent and I have no problems with purchasing one of their beta products. 




Pink Lily

What is Rebelle and why do I need it as well as Photoshop?  Well the creators say "Rebelle is one-of-a-kind paint application that lets you create realistic aquarelle - watercolor and acrylic artworks using real world color mixing, blending, moistening and drying."  Not only does it include watercolour and acrylic but pastels, pen, airbrush, pencil and marker pen.  Unlike the brushes in PS you can set the amount of water used, and the distance it flows.  The tool I particularly like so far is the smear tool.  If you wet the page first you can get some lovely effects.

I have started off with a few watercolour flowers as shown in this blog - who knows where this programme will lead and what I will end up wih!

Rebelle from Escape Motions


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