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Well, June has started off in somewhat of a macabre manner after I spotted a young relative wearing a sweatshirt featuring skulls with moustaches and more.  Ideas popped into my head and I could not wait to get home to start trying them out and the result is a set of skulls wearing hats - trilby, motorcycle helmets, baseball caps and even an open topped skull with worms!  Yuck!

I admit to not being the best at painting my nails and usually varnish them then wait until the following day until all the bits I have spread around the edges have worn off.  I have always had very soft nails, some of which split from top to bottom and flaking thumnails which nail varnish remover always exacerbates so I am reluctant to use it and usually sit and pick - which does not leave them looking very pretty either

My nails were ready with an orange nail varnish, I put on the freshly printed (and dried) stickers and then covered it all with my new Seche Vite fast drying top coat.  What a mistake!  Never use Seche Vite top coat over stickers as it makes them shrink and roll up at the edges, it also makes nail varnish shrink away from the tips even when applied over wet varnish which apparently you are supposed to do.  I had bought a large refill bottle as along with the small bottle and had planned to sell the big one as I was so disillusioned with the stuff, but on second (or fifth thoughts) have decided to keep it as have found a great use for it - put it on dry nails and I do not need to use nail polish remover, within a few hours they lift off all by themselves.  Somewhat expensive nail varnish remover but very, very effective.

However, enough rambling and back to the nail stickers, which I had to re-print and my nails which I had to re-varnish.  I tried the SV again but this time applied it before I used the stickers and then put my usual Sally Hansen topcoat over the whole lot, that seemed to work much better and they stayed on much longer this time.

I always advise everyone to use pale or clear polish nail colours but have tried my trilby wearing skull on a lovely crimson-red colour.  It is quite subtle but I like it anyway.

I hope you all enjoy my range of skull stickers and I would love to hear your comments on them.

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