Papillons - the Butterfly Dogs




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Colleen's Nails

Papillons - the Butterfly Dogs

Papillons are lively little dogs who use their cute hairy ears to entice their owners into doing their will - or so I hear.

It is a long time since I did a blog post and was prompted into this one by Colleen who has sent me a photo of her nails with my Papillon nail stickers on them and you can just see her own dog in the background.

She has chosen to do an accent ring finger nail with the Papillon sticker over a gold glitter with two blue curving stripes and a lovely mid turquoisey-blue for the rest of her nails.

During the middle of February I had a sudden run on this particular design and usually when this happens it is due to someone mentioning my nail art to a particular group or a blog post incorporating my stickers.

I asked a few of my customers where they had discovered me and Colleen was kind enough to respond that it was the Facebook Papillon Dog Lovers group so thank you especially to Ann who I believe first mentioned me.

You can purchase your own Papillon Nail Art stickers here - Papillon

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