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Sarah wearing her Cat Personalised Nail Art and Mini Black Paws,
Photo Copyright, Sarah.  Not to be copied/placed anywhere without prior permission


t is always nice to see customers returning for more nail art and Sarah, the client who sent me this picture first shopped with me some months ago,  then came back for more, then a set of personalised decals and now more personalised cats. 

She had to take one of the cats to the vet (it is okay, it was just for a check-up) and was prompted to contact me with the picture of her fingernails after both the receptionist and Vet commented on how nice her they looked.

Sarah tells me ""I love my Personalised Nail Art Stickers, they are so easy to use and everyone comments on how nice they look. Just ordered some more, can't wait to see them :o) "  This is what I love to hear about, happy customers

Personalised nail art decals make great gifts, and if you are planning to give them as Christmas presents please order early to ensure you get them in time - anytime between now and October would be perfect, especially as I am now doing artwork as well and things get a little frantic in October-December although I will always try to get your orders to you in time  :-) 


In her picture Sarah has an accent ring fingernail with her cat and black mini paws on the other fingers.  The mini-paws are also available in a variety of other colours.

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